Who is EVRYWHR? 

EVRYWHR is the songwriter and featured vocalist for Grammy-winning “Gravity” by Lecrae and boasts a number of additional accolades, including packed performances at The Roxy Theater and The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

Now partnered with Don’t Stay Put Productions, he’s coming along to Cambodia on the pilot focusing on the journey of a successful American musical artist as he encounters the challenges and adventures of immersing himself in the music scene of a new culture.

With your help we’re going back to Cambodia, a Southeast Asian country currently experiencing its own musical Renaissance in the post-Khmer Rouge era. We will be following this small-town Michigan-born six-foot-one American as he encounters all of the culture shock and faux pas of life on the backpacker road: from squishing into night buses and overcoming language barriers (or not,) to trying every single food, adventure and opportunity he comes across – all caught on film.

Meanwhile, the series will focus on music as a means of communication across cultures. Wherever we go EVRYWHR will meet local and traveling musicians across all genres with one goal: creation and collaboration.


About EVRYWHR’s Dreamer’s Revolution 

“The #DreamersRevolution is about unifying all people. We stand on the grounds that we as a collective of #Dreamers will no longer have our futures dictated to us by those who lack faith in our vision. Some of us have been told “no” so many times that we have begun to tell ourselves what we can and can’t achieve before we even set out to accomplish our aspirations.

The #DreamersRevolution is here to spread #Love, #Empower, #Support, #Inspire, #Connect, and #Unify every #Dreamer on this planet, and we can’t stop until our mission is complete. Let’s take the time to grow from each others experiences and make #Love the new currency we invest in order to build a new tomorrow.”

Why Cambodia?

Our team visited Cambodia in 2014 to collect footage for our video series and fell in love with the country. The people are among the most engaging and gracious in the world, particularly inspiring in light of the atrocities the country has endured.

The Khmer Rouge regime’s command lasted from 1975-1979 and killed nearly 2 million Cambodians along with entire generations of culture including music, art, film and even language.
Though traces of traditional Khmer culture have survived,  the country’s current story relies heavily on this generation, our generation’s creativity and ambition to re-establish and re-invent itself.

Cambodia is a country on the cultural mend, a phoenix rising from the ashes, and EVRYWHR wants to experience this musical Renaissance as it happens! He needs your help to venture to Cambodia, meet and collaborate with these artists. Not only will he learn about the culture through taking in the food, sights and sounds of this amazing corner of Southeast Asia but he’ll be taking you along on the journey!